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Coping | Blogmas Day 8

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Hey everyone, welcome back.

So I may have missed a few days of blogmas but I promise you I have my reasons.

So on Tuesday I had my braces on and was just spending time trying to get used to them and adjust to them feeling gigantic in my mouth. I couldn’t find anything to eat and pretty much spent the day feeling crappy.

Yesterday I took the day off college to have some me time because my brain isn’t feeling great and I felt pretty down. I’m coping today kind of being in college and having to put on a brave face but I’ve just felt down an awful lot recently and it feels like my brain doesn’t stop thinking. I spent the day watching High School Musical 1 & 2 and I obviously wanted to watch film 3 but my siblings came home from school and highly disagreed… Oh well.

This won’t be a lengthy post because I really don’t have much to talk about other than if you feel the same as I am, please don’t hesitate to contact me over social media eg-  Instagram or Twitter (both @abim0ss) and I’ll happily talk to you.

In other news I’ve gained a good amount of followers over the past couple of weeks and I can only thankyou for being here to read my posts and be supportive!

Promise I’ll have something to write about tomorrow. For now,

Stay happy :’)

~ Abi

(Also please ignore the featured image where it says underneath the title ‘2016 collection’, the thumbnail didn’t save properly… grr…

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