Change Up Your Look With Non-Permanent Beauty!

We are so lucky that we live in a time where beauty is for everyone, you can express who you are and what you love on the outside with the help of some killer brands. Both mainstream and indie brands have been pulling out all the stops when it comes to exciting and innovative beauty and skincare.

But what about the days where you want to test out something, or you feel like making a change but don’t know if you’re going to love it? Well, there is a range of non-permanent hair and beauty things that you can try on.

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Pink, red, blue, purple, rainbows, undercuts, pixie cuts and more. Sometimes getting a haircut isn’t precisely what you wanted, when you were looking for a change in your hair. Hair extensions are a fun way to make a significant change without commitment.

Semi-permanent hair colours wash out in 8-10 washes – but remember if your hair is very porous you might be left with some staining. You can also now grab hair chalks, and glitter gels, and also coloured hair spray if you want something that will wash out easier.

Wigs. Wigs are a great way to try new colours, cuts, and styles without any real commitment. Provided you use the right glue, and fit them well you can have a lot of fun. Ordering online is super easy too.


There are now so many things you can add to your base to make those things you love about yourself stand out even more.

Lash extensions are really popular, and once they are done by a professional, they can last a few weeks before you’ll need a top up. They come in a range of types, Russian being one of the most popular.

Rather than commit to lip plumping injections, you can pick up a lip plumping lipgloss. They will give a short term lip plumping effect. Some of them have a more lasting impact the more often they are used.

Brows. The microblading bandwagon is picking up passengers left, right and center. Once the initial set has been applied, you return every couple of months for a top up. If this isn’t your bag at all, then you might like to tint your brows.


Fake tan! Yes, some of them smell like biscuits, but in general, if you are looking to add a sweet sunkissed glow in no time (and with no skin damage), then fake tan is the way to go.

A face mask is excellent. If you are feeling a little bit grey and lifeless in the skin department, then an ultra moisturizing sheet facemask will put some pep in your skin. Of course, it is no match for the right skin care regime – but for a quick fix, they got your back.

When it comes to beauty, it is fun to experiment and work out what you love and makes you happy. It might be a fluorescent yellow wig and neon pink cat flicks, or it could be not needing to apply mascara in the mornings. Whatever it is, have fun and experiment.

*This post is a collaboration and not fully written by AbiSays

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