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Recently I’ve been thinking about the differences I’ve noticed between blogging and creating YouTube videos, and people think the difference in the amount of work put into the two of them is different, when in all reality, they are incredibly similar.

It is now coming up to almost a year when I posted my first blog post. This post was about my daily makeup routine, which I titled ‘The Daily Face – 29th April’ (click to read) . I loved that post as did a lot of people, so I was motivated to start blogging again properly. However, because of exams, I couldn’t stick to it which was honestly something I regret because I love writing about things I love or have strong opinions of.

Looking back on my YouTube life, I had been creating videos since at least 2011 / 2012 and I had started with a few collab channels, and a few joint channels with friends until deciding to launch my own channel which started as FloralLegacy, then LowDefintion, until I finally decided on AbiSays. My first video was posted on the same day I started my channel which was May 1st 2014. The first video I posted was ‘The Cup Song’ and this got about 5,000 views in about a month which I was incredibly happy with. I didn’t actually like the video because you could hear me mess up and hear family in the background so I took it down, but after that month of posting the first video, I had already managed to bag myself around 100 subscribers.
Starting out with YouTube is so much harder I think than starting up a blog, especially today. Today there are a lot of younger teenagers and people wanting to start YouTube and they’re all heading down the same route. Beauty.

When I say I think starting YouTube is harder than starting blogging, I think people are trying to get their videos out there but because of the amount of people and competition of new YouTubers, people’s videos and content isn’t being seen and they aren’t getting the audience and feedback as easy as they  used to be able.

In all honesty, I thought it was going to be hard to set up a blog and try and gain viewers / readers to my blog, but its honestly so much easier than what I thought and people like you my readers are seeing my content and I have gained followers much faster than what I thought I would.

Despite having my channel for almost 3 years, subscribers just don’t appear despite how much effort I put into editing and uploading and filming my videos. For me this is mainly the reason I came to blogging. I’m purely going to use my channel for my own use now of uploading small videos that are like vlogs or just little segments of my day like the ‘My Day in 48.5 Seconds’ videos. 

When it comes to the effort of uploading a blog post, you have to think of your ideas and generate them and try and think of something people haven’t read before or seen in a while. As well as that, you also have the featured image which is optional. You have to make this featured image look attractive to drag viewers and readers to your content on your blog, very much like a YouTube thumbnail. 

My point of this post is that blogging and youtube are very similar and if you want to start on one of these platforms, I would suggest starting are blog first. Readers come much faster than subscribers and viewers. – but that’s just my opinion.

I apologise for not uploading in such aren’t long time, but I’ll be back and trying to upload a post 3 times a week, which might be a challenge but I’m not going to know if I don’t try.
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In the last 12 hours, there has been a massive concern towards the YouTuber Marina Joyce. Reports claim various things but viewers have noticed a drastic change in her behaviour, personality, and confidence. This morning at around 3 /4am a video appeared on Marina’s timeline of her supposedly running from people and claiming the whole event was a set up. You can find that video here

Twitter users and Marina’s viewers have managed to get the concern up to 9th in the worldwide trending column, however in the early hours of this morning it was trending number 1 worldwide. Users have been using #SaveMarinaJoyce and #MarinasCats to talk amongst themselves about the concern of Marina.

Later morning / this afternoon, Marina broadcasted for 40 minutes where she spoke with her viewers on YouNow, and claimed she was perfectly okay. However, during the 40 minutes she spoke, viewers noticed her looking on edge and scared and nervous about someone watching her. Later on at around 2pm, she guested on YouNow with her friend Aaron Currey.

In this broadcast, Aaron’s viewers were very freaked out and noticed a figure appearing in the background around the door. I myself was watching this particular moment and it was scary for myself and the viewers. I believe Aaron had noticed the figure but was so put off by it that he didn’t know what to say to Marina.

Click Here  < for the YouNow clip

In this we see a figure appear at the door and watch Marina. Aaron’s behaviour changes as his voice drops and he becomes more concerned and his speech slows.

All afternoon the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce has been non stop blowing up whilst Marina’s personal Twitter remains like a dessert. (@MarinaJoyce7)

Alfie Deyes (@pointlessblog) also tweeted for Marina’s fans to not go to the meetup ‘she had arranged’.

alfie tweet

Marina replied to the tweet and didn’t actually confirm a time or place.

The event was immediately suspicious as she tweeted the start time being 6am. Her followers were immediately on the case and questioning as to why it was so early. A Facebook event was created but media has turned it to believing it may be a set up for an attack on London by ISIS.

There has been such an uproar about this whole story and no one really knows what the truth is. Many reports have said she was found to be fine, however her unusual behaviour suggests completely different. Her fans have assumed she may have had drugs and started becoming schizophrenic after watching her new video (here).
Marina appears to repeat herself within the first 10 seconds of the video and between 12 and 14 seconds, viewers assumed she said “Help me”.

To this point (5:02pm) there has been no additional information from Marina about her health or well being. Will keep updated if there is.

This is a different post but its too important to not spread. The Enfield police have claimed they visited her this morning and assured her fans she is home, well and safe. They say there was no suspicious behaviour from Marina and didn’t think there was anything unusual about her home.

PLEASE KEEP TWEETING #marinascats and #savemarinajoyce on Twitter.

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