Why I Love December | Blogmas Days 16 & 17

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I have a post about why I love December so much. This is also an apology for not posting  yesterday so I’m aiming to make this quite a lengthy post to make up for it.

I love love every season in many ways and every year something changes for me about each season and each month.

First off, the change in temperature is obviously a massive one. Every morning when I leave for college at 7.15am, it is absolutely freezing and it feels like my nose will genuinely fall off from frosting! The wind is sometimes too chilly for my liking, but other times it is more of a nice, fresh wind which doesn’t make me want to run to the nearest house and cuddle up in a blanket.
At the moment in the UK, the temperature is so confusing. I think it must have been last week where the temperature around my local area was something like 13 degrees to at least 14/15, which is absolutely insane. However, that temperature didn’t really last long and dropped as soon as people started appreciating it. For me the temperature falling is great because it means I can wear big fluffy bulky coats and lovely warm jumpers and buy think scarves to basically strangle myself to make sure I’m kept warm!

I’ve had the same winter coat for about two years now because I don’t personally think its necessary to go out and buy a new coat every year just for the winter time. I love mine as it was in a massive sale where it used to be something around £30 from the F&F range in Tesco and its lasted me so long and its generally great for the winter months from October to February.

The next thing I love about December is the lights on the houses. For example, I really love warm toned lights where you can look at your Christmas Tree and really appreciate the vast difference of the temperature of your home compared to the temperature of the outside world. When I’m walking past houses where people have their Christmas tree up, I love to take a few seconds to look at it. I mainly like the warm tones because again, I just think they make you feel warm and it gives you a Christmas feel!

I don’t like icy cold lights based around cold colours – like white or light blue because they just give such a cold atmosphere and if I’m being honest, they’re uncomfortable to look at. (Personal preference – please don’t kill me if you absolutely adore icy blue white lights)

The warm drinks have to be one of my favourite things about December because you can drink as many cold drinks as you please and not feel guilty about how much tea or coffee or hot chocolate you drank that day. My personal favourite this month has definitely been buying a Mint Hot Chocolate from Costa Coffee (I get a medium size every time) and they’re £3.55 so you can’t really go wrong in all honesty. My mum also bought sachets of mint hot chocolate to try and save me from spending so much on the Costa drinks…Oops.

I think the next best thing about December has to be the festivity that appears so suddenly every year, and how fast December flies by. It is currently the 17th when I’m writing and posting this and that means there is a week until Christmas Eve and then obviously eight days until Christmas Day which is absolutely insane. This month has absolutely flown and the festivity I think has quite literally come out of no where. There are so many people doing Blogmas and Vlogmas and anything with ‘Mas’ on the end to try and make their content as festive as possible and this year I’m doing it myself and trying my very best to upload something to my blog everyday.
In the town where I live, we have a Christmas tree in the centre of town. Last year it was amazing and big and huge and impressive. This year it just looks like a bog standard pine tree someone decided to go and chop down. So – the residents of the town have tried to make that tree as festive as possible and bring some festive positivity to the little tree and its been so lovely watching people go into the town to buy baubles and tinsel and all sorts to put on the tree, and parents are contributing with their children to allow them to know the good in Christmas.

Finally, the last thing I love about December is the earlier nights and how it gets dark so much faster. For me, this means I can get home and snuggle up with a warm drink to keep me going for the night rather than being cold and having a cold drink instead of a hot one. (If that makes sense!)
When I get the bus home after a long day of college, (the bus turns up / should turn up at 4:45 and I get home around 6) getting off the bus and walking down past the local park is really quite eerie and dark and sometimes foggy and I think getting home from being in the darkness is something I love and I really don’t quite understand why. The warmth of my house always fogs my glasses up too, which shows how cold it really is outside! Even on the weekends I notice the darkness more. It is now 3:29 and I can already tell from the colour of the sky its beginning to get dark already and I’ve been up for seven hours and had seven hours of daylight since being awake. The other 9 hours left of the day will be spent in darkness. How strange.


At the moment, I have written 978 words so this post is getting a wee bit long and I still have a featured image to edit. Also, I just want to thank everyone for all the lovely comments I’ve received recently and all the likes on my various posts. I really appreciate it and it really gives me the motivation to carry this blog on for you all to enjoy and read.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a lovely last festive week before Christmas dawns on us next Sunday!

Until next time,


A Mini Haul | Blogmas Day 15

Hello all, welcome back.

Again I apologise for this post being late. This evening has consisted of chilling after a semi-stressful week and wrapping more presents.

Today I’m going to share with you a few bits I got this week because I got a couple of things for myself and a few from my college Secret Santa.

First off I got a Black Seaweed Peel off face mask from Superdrug because they’re 99p and you can’t go wrong. I got this one because it said it was suitable for oily skin which is a combination I have (combined with normal) so I decided to try it out. I took this photo whilst wearing the mask and it has definitely left my face less oily and slightly more matte which I love.

I then got another because again, you can’t go wrong. I love peel off masks purely for the fact they’re easier to take off and they’re satisfying to peel!

Eden got me a few bits for secret santa so she got me these bath fizzes which smell amazing.

This gorgeous lipstick from ‘Deluxe’ in ’09 Chicago’. And she also got me coffee because I like coffee as mentioned in ‘My Sudden Love for Coffee’ post.

I also got a chocolate bar from my friend Ruth and I’ve demolished it so here’s a picture of when the wrapper contained chocolate….

And finally Megan got me this adorable keyring of Thor and I’m in love and she’s made my day and I love her to pieces so again thank you Meg!

I’m so grateful to my lovely college friends for getting me bits and pieces! It’s honestly so lovely of you all.

I again apologise for not a very lengthy post. Let me know in the comments if you prefer shorter or longer blog posts.

Until next time,



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My Mental Health and How I’m Feeling | Blogmas Day 14

Hello everyone welcome back.

I apologise for uploading so late but I’ve been busy with wrapping presents and responding to an exciting email!

I just wanted to put a post together talking about my mental health currently and where I feel I stand with it and just generally how I’m feeling.


Currently at this moment, my main college tutor has been signed off for two weeks following the ceiling falling on his head. (Unfortunate – I know) Meaning I’m stressed and down and really not sure what is and what’s not getting marked whilst the other tutors teach us.

This is immensely caving on me right now and I’ve had a breakdown last week where I just lost it and cried and pondered for hours how much work there really is to do. Without my tutor being in, our whole class is quite literally stumped.

This has effected me badly as I’m finding it harder and harder to make it to college everyday because I have no motivation to get work done.

I’m also studying maths (again) in college because I need a C and the college are refusing to let me get anyway with it because this is my third time sitting the maths foundation paper. (I’m from North Wales meaning I sat the exam in year 10 and 11. My College is in cheshire and they’ve only sat it once.) Maths on top of everything brings me right down. My tutor is an arse (sorry) and my class is hard to work in because of people in it. I’ve hardly attended maths meaning my attendance is dropping- giving me another thing to worry about and it’s really not fun at all.  I’m not good with numbers. I want to work with photography and journalism and the media in general and I really don’t see the point in studying maths on top of studying a level 3 course.

Today at the present moment of writing this post (23.17PM G.M.T December 14th) I’m feeling okay in my head. I feel like the clouds are moving in and out constantly and never really leave my mind as a rend clear sky if you will.

I’m surrounded by the right people, just not necessarily the environment is working for me.

My blog I feel is somewhere I can come if I’m feeling down and just type my feelings onto the Internet and be okay with it because that’s what I want to do.  But in other cases I feel I’m putting myself in danger and then think people I know will see my posts and interpret them completely different to how I want to come across…


I’m sorry for all my blubber and randomness within this post. I’m just not entirely sure how to feel day in day out and put a brave face on and hope for the best… because it really confuses me and my brain and my emotions are everywhere.

I don’t want to make this a ridiculously long post because I simply don’t want to blubber on for a century. I had nothing to write about tonight so I decided to give you a mental health update and I hope that’s okay.

Again – till next time,

Thanks for reading

~Abi ♡

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Oops… | Blogmas Day 13

Im really sorry for not putting up a post today. I’ve been so lost with everything recently and tonight I’ve just had a complete mind blank of what to post. I promise they’ll be a normal post tomorrow. Just want to thank Eden for reminding me to post! Click here for her blog because she deserves followers♡

Again im really sorry but I’ll be back with another post tomorrow! ♡

Till next time


Getting Braces & My Experience | Blogmas Day 12

Hello everyone welcome back,

Today I’m going to talk you through my braces experience and what I went through to get them on.

So to start, I had a consultation in about May time where I went to see my orthodontist and discuss having my braces on. I’m going to first say I don’t like my orthodontist as he was rude to me and I just overall didn’t like him much at all from first impressions. I was told I had to have four teeth out in order to have the brace fitted because otherwise the orthodontic treatment would have no effect at all. I was very hesitant about this and it took me 6 months to actually have my teeth out eventually. The experience of having my teeth out was daunting, but I’ll come to that.

Next step was to have the mould done. This was absolutely disgusting and yes, it is as bad as people make it out to be. I’m not going to sugarcoat this, I truly found it vile. You have two gum shields full of goo pushed against your top gum first and then your bottom gum afterwards to get the shape of your teeth and mouth.They hold them there for a good 10 – 15 seconds and there will be left over goo from the mould everywhere. It’s honestly not the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

After finally getting the appointments out of the way, it was finally time for me to have my teeth out. I didn’t do this as everyone else does. I used the gas and air method which was a mask which sort of looked like a snorkel around my nose which was being filled with anaesthetic to not knock me out, but make me sort of deluded, and keep me calm more than anything. The gas and air had two effects on me the two times I had my teeth out. The first time, I found myself really giddy and laughing at myself and finding it absolutely hilarious I couldn’t feel one side of my face. The second time, I was a state and it made me quite emotional and I came out of the appointment and cried lots and lots…

The ladies in there with me were absolutely lovely and made sure I was comfortable. During getting my teeth out, there was literally what everyone said there would be – lots of tugging, pulling, shoving; and that is exactly what I felt. The needles were sort of painful has the numbing anaesthetic started to kick in but the needle itself going in was just the most discomfort I’ve ever felt.

Because I didn’t want my four teeth out coming all at once, I had it done in two separate appointments hence why the gas and air had different effects.

The after effects of the teeth coming out and the numbing wearing off was very annoying. Its horrid not being able to feel your face and having to wait for it to come back with the feeling so you can start drinking normally again. I hated having to wait so long and the second time took even longer because he seemed to use quite a few syringes of the anaesthetic.

FINALLY I got to have my brace on last week (Tuesday 6th December) and it didn’t hurt at all and only ached for a few hours on and off. The worst thing about it was probably the blocks going on because of the glue they use to stick them on tasting absolutely vile. Also having the bands put in and attached was kind of painful / uncomfortable because there was a lot of force being used for me and twisting which felt like my teeth were going to fall out.

Since having my braces on, I’ve been living off skips, weetabix and jelly and thats about it until I can eat properly again.

Thank you all for reading and I hope this post was helpful to anyone having braces put on soon!

Till next time,


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My Top Vlogmas Vloggers | Blogmas Day 11

Hello everyone welcome back!

This December I have found SO many Youtubers doing Vlogmas and it’s insane, so I’ve decided to share with you my favourites!

First up is really quite obvious who now has 4, 467, 677 subscribers at the time I’m writing this and that is Zoe from More Zoella. Her content is interesting and therapeutic to watch and she does a lot of time lapses which I find really great to watch! As I’m writing this post I’m watching her Vlogmas Day 9 and she’s unboxed her PO Box and it’s insane how much she gets but back to the point; I absolutely love her content and she constantly has great videos.

YouTube Channel – MoreZoella

My next favourite vlogmas Vlogger has been Molly from Beauty Spectrum. Her vlogs have always been something I’ve watched as she daily vlogged in the summer and everyday she was doing something different with either her friends or family and I absolutely adore that. From watching Molly, she really motivates me to do things which is so so helpful!

YouTube Channel – Beauty Spectrum

The next Youtuber I’ve been obsessed with watching over the past 10 days is Jasmine Clough where she uploaded a different video every single day and there’s something different based around Christmas everyday and I’ve been loving it!

YouTube Channel – Jasmine Clough

The last youtuber I can think of is Gabbie from Velvetgh0st who vlogs on her second channel. she said she wasn’t going to do vlogmas this year but she’s actually done it everyday up to now and again she is someone who just produces interesting videos and vlogs and she has the personality just like everyone else I’ve mentioned.

YouTube Channel – Gabriella Lindley


I thought this would be an interesting post to do as I did vlogmas on my youtube channel last year but this year I’ve come away from my channel to dedicate my time to my blog and I absolutely love it. Let me know who your favourite blogmas bloggers and vlogmas Vloggers are! Make sure to link them!

Thankyou for reading!

For now

~ Abi ♡

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An Interview With Lush Leah! | Blogmas Day 10

Hello everyone welcome back!

Today I had the pleasure to interview Leah from the YouTube channel lush leah and Instagram account lush_leah.x which you can go to by clicking on the links!

This is a different sort of post but I really hope you enjoy!

Talk me (and my readers) through your YouTube career. How did lush leah begin?

Leah – Well I started with Instagram about 4 years ago! I realised I was doing pretty well with it and since videos were only 15 seconds, I felt that YouTube was the perfect way to express my opinions and my love for makeup in more detail! It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made with this whole social media portion of my life, I enjoy it so much!

That’s a really good idea! I probably would have done the same! Did you find your audience built gradually or did you find yourself with quite a few subscribers quite quickly?

I did gain really quickly to begin with, however since I’ve started, its been more gradual. After almost 2 years, I’m 38,700!!

That’s an incredible amount of subscribers. Did you find it was overwhelming to have such a fast following?

Yeah of course! I didn’t expect that outcome at all. If you watch my first video, I literally said I’d love to gain 200 subs(cribers) by June, which was 4 months from there I was on like 2,000!

Its insane how fast accounts grow on YouTube now and within different audiences, there’s a lot of controversy of how youtubers are in front of the camera versus how they are in real life. Do you think audiences are sometimes a bit too judgemental on a person who takes the time to sit in front of the camera?

Yeah certainly! Obviously, everyone is slightly different on camera but it’s good to stay as true to who you really are on camera, which sounds really cheesy but that’s what people like! But, you don’t know everything about the youtuber, so its unfair to judge them from their videos.

I definitely agree. Through your different social media, you have over 130,000 followers from your channel, Instagram and Snapchat and you manage to engage with them so well. Do you ever find yourself struggling to cope with this amount of people to entertain and keep your statistics maintained?

I feel like you have to balance what you want to post and what your audience wants to see. Obviously you have to keep the audience entertained – which is really hard when there’s so many people to please! But I do try to interact with everyone and get suggestions.

I love how interactive you are over Snapchat too, I loved your makeup spam this morning! 🙂 And finally… What are YouTube events like? Have you ever been to events such as Summer In The City and do you go plan to go to many more throughout the UK?

Awh thank you, I try to do them as often as possible! I’ve been to beautycon, a L’Oreal Hair event and a Lush event! They’re all so fun to meet with youtubers and get to see exciting new products! ! I’m hoping to go to Summer In The City and many others next year!


So everyone, that concludes my interview with Leah! Her new video went live today and you can click here to find it – Christmas JewelCandle Haul + Giveaway

Leah’s Channel – lush leah

Instagram – @lush_leah.x

Snapchat – lush_leahx


Thank you all so much for reading and let me know if you enjoyed this post!

Till next time,


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My Favourite Foundations | Blogmas Day 9

Hello all welcome back,

Today  I’m going to do a post I said i would do a few days ago, and that is my favourite foundations. At the moment, my phone camera is broken and still needs repairing but I will credit everyone for the pictures.

My first two favourites are from Rimmel.

  1. Rimmel Lasting Finish

Image result for rimmel lasting finish

(Picture credit to cheerfulbeautynerd.com)

This foundation is a personal favourite mainly due to the formulation. I find foundations such as this one really light on the skin and super easy to wear and they don’t leave your skin feeling greasy and oily.

What I like about this foundation is the fact they have such a good range of colours and shades for everyone and I think that is definitely something other brands lack in. Its always good to know you’ll be able to find a perfect match or a close enough match to your skin colour.

I’d say the finish of this foundation is dewy and light and wears good throughout the day and provided you have a primer underneath, this foundation doesn’t crease and leave you with your smile lines creased either because I find that creasing is something that happens for me quite easily.
I would always blend this foundation with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge because it just gave the perfect base and overall finish to the foundation.

For £7.99 I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone. Buy the foundation from Superdrug here! 

Benefits  (taken from the Superdrug description)

Rimmel’s first sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours.

Enriched with a revitalizing Mineral Complex and Moisturizing Aqua Primer

Skin feels energized, hydrated and lightweight all day

2. My next favourite foundation is the Rimmel Match Perfection. This foundation was raved about on Youtube for so so long and I don’t blame anyone for raving about it. Again, the shade range is incredible and can really offer something for everyone. This foundation has the description of (Taken from the Boots site)

Image result for rimmel match perfection foundation

(Picture credit to missnathaliexo.wordpress.com)

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation. Invisible, mistake-proof foundation for visibly perfected & healthier looking skin.

Weightless, smooth texture blends with skins real tone instead of masking it.

24HR moisture complex leaves skin feeling hydrated. Soft-focus powers help reduce imperfections, pores & dark circles. SPF 20 Dermatologist tested.

From this description I would semi agree. After applying this and taking it off at the end of the day, I do find my skin feeling hydrated and it cancels out my problem areas like blemishes from old spot scarring and dark circles. However, I wouldn’t say this foundation feels weightless because sometimes after applying, I can feel it on my skin and I know there’s something there.

Unlike the Rimmel Lasting Finish, this foundation doesn’t really wear as well. I find I have to powder much more with this foundation and apply concealer more than I usually would where I put it over the foundation. For me, thats a problem because I have combination oily skin and so keeping foundations on is a major must for me but other than the little problem with the wear, I really love this foundation. Again, its £7.99 from Superdrug!

Click here 🙂

My third and final foundation is the Revlon Colour Stay which I always get in the shade 150 Buff. The first time I bought this foundation, I was really impressed straight away. The colour match was perfect and the coverage was medium and definitely buildable.(I forgot to mention the Rimmel Foundations are light to medium coverage)

Image result for revlon colorstay

I got my foundation from my local factory shop where it was retailed for £4 whereas in other places it was £12.99 (Superdrug) and the same in Boots, so finding myself with getting a foundation that had more than 50% off was definitely a pat on the back bargain!

Again I love to blend this in with a primer underneath and a Real Techniques Beauty Sponge because they will always give me the best possible coverage and it applys much nicer. I’m always able to go through the day without feeling guilty that there’s a good coverage foundation on my face and i know it won’t wear off and that is something every girl needs for her foundation. (Or boys, we don’t judge <3) For oily combination skin I would say this is a must even though it is unfortunately on the pricey side

Buy the Revlon Colour Stay here! 😀

And that concludes today’s blog post! I’ll be doing another review on my Barry M Flawless Matte foundation very soon, so keep an eye out for that but other than that let me know what you think of these foundations! Have you tried any of them and what is your favourite?

Until next time,

~Abi <3

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Coping | Blogmas Day 8

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Hey everyone, welcome back.

So I may have missed a few days of blogmas but I promise you I have my reasons.

So on Tuesday I had my braces on and was just spending time trying to get used to them and adjust to them feeling gigantic in my mouth. I couldn’t find anything to eat and pretty much spent the day feeling crappy.

Yesterday I took the day off college to have some me time because my brain isn’t feeling great and I felt pretty down. I’m coping today kind of being in college and having to put on a brave face but I’ve just felt down an awful lot recently and it feels like my brain doesn’t stop thinking. I spent the day watching High School Musical 1 & 2 and I obviously wanted to watch film 3 but my siblings came home from school and highly disagreed… Oh well.

This won’t be a lengthy post because I really don’t have much to talk about other than if you feel the same as I am, please don’t hesitate to contact me over social media eg-  Instagram or Twitter (both @abim0ss) and I’ll happily talk to you.

In other news I’ve gained a good amount of followers over the past couple of weeks and I can only thankyou for being here to read my posts and be supportive!

Promise I’ll have something to write about tomorrow. For now,

Stay happy :’)

~ Abi

(Also please ignore the featured image where it says underneath the title ‘2016 collection’, the thumbnail didn’t save properly… grr…

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Re-Reading Harry Potter | Blogmas Day 5

Hello everyone, welcome back.I am aware I said I’d be doing a favourite foundations post today but I’m unable to get hold of any of the other two foundations I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I will hopefully be able to do that post tomorrow.

For me, Harry Potter has always been a big favourite of mine. If we’re being specific, I much prefer the films over the books. However, in August after visiting Harry Potter Studios, I bought the first Harry Potter book from the shop in the studios and re-read it on the train home and the next night after.

There’s always something about a new book I really enjoy and I mainly think its down to the new page smell and a new book to look after in my collection. What also makes me read a new book is probably that I’m able to delve in straight away and because the book is new it makes the story much more interesting.

For me, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was completely different from the first film and this is mainly what this post is about. I’ll give you a little review to start with.

First off, this book is written so so well and obviously all the characters are as interesting as each other. I found the first book so easy to read and found it didn’t blag on like other books I’ve read. There’s a few books I’ve read where the chapters just seem to go on and on and never really come to a stop. In this book, J.K Rowling kept the chapters simple and semi-short so there was never really a moment where I got bored and wanted to put the book down.

I think this book would definitely make a great bedtime read purely because of how its written and how you’re able to stay intrigued and there’s never a boring moment.

Finally, this book I would straight away give 4.5 stars. Now onto the noticeable differences…

Some of these things I’ve noticed I’ve got from a site called thatwasnotinthebook.com and because of this site I’ve noticed even more than I would have done originally.

Difference One

In the book, the sorting hat sings a song before placing the children into their right houses. In the film, the hat merely makes a few remarks and comments on the child and then decides where the child will end up. I will always wonder what the hat would have sounded like if it had actually sang the song in the film.

Difference Two

There’s the iconic moment in the film where we see Harry at the zoo with his horrid cousin Dudley. In the film, Harry speaks normally to the snake who is a Burmese python and the snake reacts to what he says simply by nodding and saying “Thanksssss” as it leaves the cage. In the book however, Harry speaks to a Boa Constrictor from Brazil in parsel tongue. For the directors and producers to miss this section out is questionable because of Harry later discovering he can speak parsel tongue and has no idea why he is able to speak to snakes. I think the producers probably missed this out to keep Harry questioning in the films as to why he can speak to snakes.

Difference Three

The next obvious difference for me in the film and book is that the poltergeist Peeves is causing trouble in the book, but isn’t mentioned one bit in the film. I think if Peeves was actually included within the films there could have been a good element of comedy in the film and I think its a little disappointing how Peeves is missed out completely.

Difference Four

Harry and Hermione are given detention in the Forbidden Forest for being caught by Flinch after hours in the book. In the film, this doesn’t happen and instead are just given detention for being caught in Hagrid’s cabin.

These are the differences I have found between the first film and book. If you would like a second post comparing the second book and the second film, let me know and I’ll be sure to do it.

(Meg is great also Dana too)

Thanks for reading!


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