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Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I wanted to share a post about braces, and how I cured the pain during having them. As you may know, braces are tightened once every month, usually being once every 4 – 6 weeks.

I got my braces December 5th 2016, and actually got them off September 26th 2017, making that 295 days. When you’re told by all your friends that braces is the most daunting experience ever and its the most painful thing known to man kind, click here and read my genuine post about how I was whilst I got my braces on.


How did I cure the pain?

At first, it was a big struggle to find something decent to try cure the pain, and it was the typical paracetamol, ibuprofen etc etc. I mainly relied on using paracetamol mostly, but on the night of me having them tightened I would always have a bath in the evening to try and chill me out but also to use the heat as a steam therapy, and 50% of the time it did genuinely work.

However, after only a couple of months of having them on, I was with someone who basically gave me a cup of tea (my boyfriend at the time), and  I was in the absolute pain and he gave me that cup of tea and it really worked miracles. Tea might not work for everyone but honestly it worked a treat. I find it works a lot easier to ease the pain with a cup of tea when you have literally just finished making it. Leave it 5 minutes and drink. Its so good, might just be me but I highly recommend this for anyone!!

Another thing was to actually use a hot water bottle and hold it on which ever side of my face was more painful than the other. Hot water bottles didn’t work as well as the cup of tea method, but it was another great method.


those are basically the main ways I would try cure my braces pain! I really hope this was helpful to some people, and don’t forget to read my post about getting braces on as mentioned at the start of the post.

Thank you to those who have been reading the past few days! It’s really been helpful with developing my blog.


Until next time,

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