Be Mindful This Christmas…

This time of year can be difficult for so so many people, as well as it being one of the easiest and happiest time of the year for others. Every single year, many young people, middle aged peopleĀ andĀ old people can be lonely, financially unstable, and mentally and physically ill.

My message for you at this time of year is to just be mindful of what you buy, and how you treat yourself and others.

What Can You Do This Time of Year?
You may notice when you’re out and about in the likes of your local Tesco there’s a food bank, and charity pots at the ends of the tills. When walking around your local supermarket, do all of your shopping as you normally would but pick up 2 or 3 items to pop into the food bank. If you use the normal tills, ditch all of that loose cash and pop that into the charity pots.
By doing this not only are you being beneficial to others, you also get a lovely feeling knowing you’ve donated to charity in some way to help those in need.

Another thing you could do this year, is donate to your local businesses or independent charities. For example in my home town in the UK, the local band plays in the shopping precinct for a couple of hours in the morning, and they get several donations throughout the day to support the band. When you walk past the likes of those little brass bands, drop a pound or two and support them.

Buy locally! When looking for your Christmas gifts this year, have a look at your local businesses and what they have to offer at Christmas time, whether it be Christmas cards, decorations for the tree or little things for around the house. Supporting local businesses can really mean a lot for them at this time of the year.
Keep this in mind when you visit the likes of Christmas Markets or smaller markets throughout the year.

It’s exactly the same for your favourite bloggers. If they have little services they offer and provide to you, support them and buy their products because they put in so much time and effort towards the products they sell. Blogmas is such a big thing at this time of year too! See what sort of things they’re writing about and comment on their posts and if they have social media, go follow them and keep up with them throughout the festive season!

Being mindful this Christmas is so so important, and just as important as it is all year round. Make sure this Christmas you donate, support and help local businesses, charities and those in need.

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