August Reflection | Did I Meet My Goals?

How the heck is it already September?! The month has absolutely flown by and I feel like this post may be a hit or miss. Let’s have a look…

  1. Blog More
    This is the one thing I’m really sad I didn’t manage to do this month. I managed to upload 2 posts including my August Goals post, so that was a massive fail this month. Despite all of those ideas I have written down in my bullet journal, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write this month. College and work have officially taken over my life!
  2. Get Back on the YouTube Game
    Another one! Dang it. Today (1st Sept) I’ve uploaded a new video explaining where I’ve been and what I’ve actually been up to. Click here to go give that a watch! There has been an awful lot happening this month, and I mentioned exactly what in my last post why this month has been so busy. To tell you in short though, I’ve been doing college work as well as finally getting myself a little job on the side to generate some income. Everything has also just been exhausting too!
  3. Get College Assessments Done For This Module
    Holy heck has this college module been hectic. After some struggles with my previous assessment, I can tell you I have finally finished it and moved onto my next one! It felt like such a big weight off of my shoulders when I finally got the feedback to say all was good for me to continue to my next assessment. I’m currently about half way through the first of three assessments! Let’s see how many of those I can get done this month! I really hope I get them all done!
  4. Fill Out My Bullet Journal Every Single Day
    You’ll be happy and glad to know that this month I have managed this! Every month I usually struggle to remember, so I’ve set myself an alarm specifically for reminding myself to get my bullet journal filled in. The majority of what I fill in every day is my sleep, mood and meal trackers. The rest are usually pages that can wait until the end of the month to fill in. (the likes of social media trackers)
    I’ll insert a photo of my bullet journal here:

I’m so happy with how well I managed to do with filling out the pages I needed to every day, and I’ll admit I’m quite forgetful when it comes down to them!

I’ll be posting a September Goals post in the next few days or so. Tomorrow (Sept 2) my family and I are off to Australia Zoo for Father’s Day, so fingers crossed the weather will be on our side and we can have a lovely day!

Happy September!

Abi x


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