I honestly have no idea where July went. It just seemed to disappear pretty flipping quickly. July was a month that came and went and there just weren’t enough hours in the day for me to manage to do anything or get things done.

Here in Australia, it is currently Winter, which means we’re not too far from Spring beginning, which I’m so excited for. Anyway!

Since July was basically a month full of college work and concentration, I have decided to create an August goals post. Let’s see if this can motivate me to work just that little bit harder this month.

1. Blog More!
Since I have been absent from my blog for quite a while now, I want to upload at least 2 posts a week. I have written so many ideas down in my bullet journal that I can use for my blog so fingers crossed I can use those to get some decent posts up for you all! I have been reading blog posts much more frequently at the moment and they have given me some inspiration to get back on track again. Also if you haven’t seen my previous post, click here!

2. Get Back on The YouTube
Another thing I’ve not managed to get round to is filming videos and getting back on top of my YouTube channel. Again, its another of those things where it takes a good couple of hours to film, edit, upload, add a thumbnail and add the captions etc. As I mentioned, July was full of college work so my time was purely based around that.

3. Get College Assessments Done For This Module
If you didn’t know, I study a Certificate 4 in Photography and Photo Imaging, which is all online. Yep. All of it. I have basically no interaction with anyone. Now that’s out of the way, I want to get my assessments done for this module really badly. I have about 3 months left to complete my course which is terrifying. This module has 3 big assessments to it which is the biggest assessment I’ve done so far. Fingers crossed I can get those assessments done by the end of the month!

4. Fill Out My Bullet Journal Every Single Day
This is something I lacked massively during the month of July. I cannot tell you how annoyed I am because there are just huge blanks here there and everywhere in my spreads. It’s so super annoying for someone who likes to be organised and know what I’ve had for the likes of meals, how much I’ve slept, keeping track of my moods and just tracking monthly goals and to do lists.

wish I had a 5th goal for this month, however, those are my goals for August! At the end of the month, I will be doing a recap post to see how much I actually got done. I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging and really making sure I split my time properly.

What are your goals for this month? Let me know!

Abi x

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