Apps You NEED If You’re A Blogger!

Now I know that every blogger needs some helpful apps along the way, and I always am looking for new ones to download myself!

This post is completely inspired by Ellie from The Diary of Ellie.  Ellie’s blog is always one of my favourites to read, so I highly recommend you go check her post out! We mention the exact same apps (definitely good ones!) but as mentioned all credit goes to Ellie for inspiring this post.

I feel like this kind of blog post are always so useful for all bloggers from those who are beginners to those who are fairly advanced.

My personal go-to app at this very moment in time is BlogLovin’. I found BlogLovin through one of the bloggers I follow – Jemma. I hadn’t realised this was an extra platform for bloggers to come to, to find new blogs to follow and an easier way to read blog posts if they weren’t available in the WordPress reader etc.

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BlogLovin is so so easy to use, and as well as a desktop site they also have an app which I highly recommend!

This must be a pretty obvious one to go for. Instagram is one of my favourites when I’m searching for different hashtags and looking for other bloggers. I’ve found so many different lifestyle and fashion blogs from simply scrolling through a few hashtags. Whether that be #lifestyle, or #coffee, #review, #ootd or #bbloggers. The bloggers you end up finding are endless.

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If you are a blogger who is choosing to use Instagram to boost your blog, I highly recommend going through your follow list and sorting them into who you really do want to follow, and not just random people that follow you and you follow them back. When you find a fellow blogger go on their profile and leave them a few comments and likes! They’ll really appreciate it and you’ll feel really good about leaving positive feedback too.

This app is one I was introduced to when I joined Teenagers With Experience. This has been so useful for scheduling tweets! It doesn’t however post to Instagram for you, but reminds you to post. I have been so impressed with Crowdfire and the way it works. I have only just started using it to tweet about new videos or blog posts, but I am loving being able to go to sleep and schedule a few things in the night.

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It is so super useful and this is one I would definitely recommend to anyone!

And of course, my final app is Twitter. Twitter honestly isn’t my favourite, (Instagram takes first place I’m afraid) so this is almost an obligatory mention. Twitter, of course, is such a useful app for getting yourself out there as well as your blog. Twitter for me has been a tricky one to get used to, and I’m still trying to figure a way to bring more followers to my blog.
However, Twitter has been an absolute must when its come to finding new bloggers. I find so much inspiration on Twitter as well. It is absolutely fantastic for anyone with a blog or social media platform.

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I’m hoping after posting this blog post that I find some more helpful and useful apps I could use for my blog. Again I highly recommend you go and download all of these as I can guarantee they are an absolute must when you’re a blogger.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’m going to do some planning and hopefully get some more posts planned! Leave me a comment with what your go-to apps are if you’re a blogger! I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Abi xx

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