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Yesterday was to be perfectly honest, a complete and utter shambles.

The weather here in Brisbane was absolutely horrid, and Christmas present shopping had to be done no matter what. My Dad and I headed out yesterday to our local shopping centre, and managed to get presents and essentials and we were out for at least 2 hours.

I find Christmas shopping one of the most challenging things to do, because when it comes to Christmas time my brain goes blank and suddenly everyone is impossible to buy for. Thankfully, Kmart and Target and Woolworths were my saviour yesterday. Target regularly seem to have deals for 20% off their toys, and this is a complete life saver especially if you’re on a budget.

We got home around 3PM, and I continued my shopping for the evening online and another saviour was eBay. I managed to buy a few presents for people in my family and eBay let me know I had priority shipping for completely free, and it was fast too so I was absolutely chuffed.

The evening came around and I logged onto my college site. Recently I’ve been trying to complete an assessment that is genuinely the bane of my life right now. I’ve had to resubmit twice because I missed a few things, and now I’ll be resubmitting again for the third time. I spent the evening confused because the brief is really not descriptive and gives you hardly anything to go with to complete the task. I basically had a massive meltdown and decided that would be my lot for the evening, so I completely forgot about Blogmas and Vlogmas and decided to watch Graham Norton for the evening instead.

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying December no matter where you’re from, and I’ll see you again in tomorrow’s post.

Until next time,

Abi xx

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