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There’s something about blogging that just seems so therapeutic and easy to do. You set up your blog, and you begin posting and decide to set up a schedule. The schedule seems a good idea until it actually comes round to it and you have to stick to it!

My schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Sunday. However, in my mind it was Thursday yesterday. Not Friday. My brain gets all confused when my brother and sister have a long weekend, so this Monday they had the day off school and it really threw me so I do apologise for not posting yesterday.

Today I’m going to tell you about a few of my very late September favourites, because I literally had a few this month and didn’t find anything I was massively obsessed with. So here we go…

The first is a makeup product and this is the Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium. This kit includes a gel / pomade product and a little light brown powder which I don’t use at all unless I want to use it as an eyeshadow.

Image result for elf eyebrow kit medium

I’ve been using this eyebrow kit every time I’ve wanted a strong eyebrow look. in the UK I believe this was only about £5 / 6 but it gives my eyebrows the love and colour they need.

The next is also a product and its the PaPaw ointment which is a lipbalm they have here in Australia. It is the best lip balm ever and I never want to use anything different because it just works miracles for my chapped lips. I bought this in Woolworths for $5 and its so cheap too which is a massive bonus.

Image result for papaw ointment

My next favourite has actually been something I don’t really see people have a favourite over, but I’ve been loving editing pictures using two programs. One called Photoshop, and the other is VSCO. I’ve been editing my photography pictures (the ones I take on my Canon camera) with Photoshop, and my Instagram pictures with VSCO with the filter T1 and just messing about with the filters in there, and posting them directly to Instagram.


I’ve been loving many other things and people such as Youtube and Youtubers in general, and I’ve been loving reading blog posts throughout September. September was where people were just transitioning from Summer to Autumn and all the comfy cosy posts were coming out and being posted and it just was the most perfect month for talking about Autumn in blogs.

Youtubers i have loved this month have been –

  • Mark Ferris (vlogs)
  • Pointlessblogvlogs
  • Morezoella
  • Sophdoesnails
  • Demi Donnelly
  • Sophie Louise
  • Jazzybum

I went back through my watch history and these are the people whose names came up most often, and I’ve just absolutely loved chatty and vlogging videos recently. I much prefer them over main channel based videos. Every Youtuber is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend you go watch them all.

Thats the end of my September favourites, but I just thought I’d give you an update of what I’m wanting to achieve in the next few months.

I want to post every Sunday on my Youtube channel, but also upload in the week with as many Halloween looks as I can. People seem to love watching Halloween videos as well as makeup looks; so I’m pretty determined to do that this month.

I want to also post on my scheduled days for blogging and talk to you guys as much as possible, and update you every month with a plan with me for my bullet journal. (which has been a favourite this month but I’ll do a separate October favourites post).

In the next few weeks, I’ll be starting a college course online with OpenColleges in Photography. I really want to start talking about my business with people online and seeing where I can take it and what kind of route I can take my photography with being here in Australia too, animal photography is massive.

In the mean time I have been doing an online short foundation course with a company called Shaw Academy, who I did a foundation diploma in Photography with about a year and a half ago. It really helped me learn what I know now, but the course I’m doing before I start my online college is a foundation diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing. I really think this will help me with my journey towards wanting to mix photography and blogging together.


Those are my goals for the next  few months and I really think I can stick to them if I come back to this post and realise how much I want to be able to achieve these goals.

We’re not far off 100 followers on here which would be another goal to hit hopefully! I would like to reach 150 by Christmas.

Anyway, I shall love you and leave you and I really hope to talk again soon!

Until next time,

Abi xx

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  1. That blogging course sounds amazing Abi! I hope you learn so much from it. There are so many ideas in my brain at the minute that I want to do but they are all about expanding my blog, so it’s going to take time, but everything good does doesn’t it? ahah!!

    1. It’s already so interesting! & Definitely!! If you need any help with thoughts / opinions on posts or absolutely anything ping me a Facebook message! Will be more than happy to help you out with expanding your blog!

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