10 Festive Thing I’m Looking Forward To!

I honestly cannot wait for this Christmas, mainly because I’m spending half the month in the UK, but also because of all of the festive things I’ll be able to do and see!

1. The Lights!
Christmas lights are probably one of the main things that really get me in the festive spirit. Unfortunately, I think I’m going to miss the switch on for the town I’m staying in, as they’re usually turned on towards the end of November. However, I will be able to enjoy the cosy feel as we drive through in the evenings and remember how it makes everything just that little more festive.

Is this sad? Probably. Aaahh, but I can’t wait to walk into Tesco and it all decorated for Christmas with a little band playing either outside or inside with carols for everyone to hear. Since living in Australia, I’ve not seen any supermarkets do this type of thing and it’s definitely something I miss about the UK and Christmas time.

3. Blogmas
Every year I look forward to Blogmas, but by the looks of things, there are so many people getting involved this year! When I did my first Blogmas in 2016, there were very few people doing it as they either uploaded every other day, or said they’re doing Blogmas and uploaded a few posts, or some people have kept on doing the 12 days of Blogmas.
I’m so excited to see what festive things people write about this year, and discover heaps of new bloggers too!

4. Foooood!
No one does food as good as the UK does it when it comes to Christmas time, but then this year’s Christmas in Australia is bound to be filled with a good old barbecue, pool parties and alcohol and a bloody good time. When we visit the UK, we’re doing two Christmas meals, one with my Mum’s side of the family and one with my Dad’s!

5. The Shopping
Shopping at Christmas is definitely one of the most hectic times for anyone for sure, but I absolutely love it. Buying for other people and watching their faces light up has to be one of the best things to see. Not only shopping for other people but I also LOVE shopping for myself. The sales are just the best and the discounts you can grab are awesome. I am very much more of a person who wants to shop at Christmas.

6. Wrapping Presents
This is probably one of the tasks most people hate but I absolutely love. I love the secrecy around it – your family and friends having no idea what you’ve got for them, having to sneak around with a big smile on your face (that is if you’re like me and are rubbish at hiding the fact you’ve bought someone something). I also am soooo looking forward to putting the presents you’ve wrapped under the tree on Christmas Eve and seeing happy faces in the morning!

7. Cold Cosy Evenings
Australia as you probably know, have Christmas in Summer, and its the weirdest thing. Despite being in the UK for 2 and a half weeks, I’m so excited to snuggle under a blanket watching telly and being cosy with a hot drink in my hands, probably watching a classic Christmas film. Very very excited.

8. Manchester Christmas Markets
I have organised with a few friends in the UK to visit the Manchester Christmas Markets this year. All of them have been before but I never have! I cannot wait, another evening full of food, drinks and great company and another excuse to yet again feel cosy after being out in the cold for a few hours.

9. *THAT* FeelingĀ 
Let me explain. *That* feeling is the sensation when you come in from a freezing night and the temperature of the house is absolutely roasting because of the heating being on all day and warming up the whole house. So you walk in and you’re freezing but the house is just so warm and you’re instantly warm again. That doesn’t happen here in Australia, because half the time that feeling happens when you go inside from being out in the heat all day to an air-conditioned home or shopping centre.

10. Movies!
I am that person who loves to watch Christmas films no matter what time of the year it is. Last year, I was watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol in September, purely because I couldn’t help myself and I love the songs too much. The thing about visiting the UK during Christmas means there will be the Christmas 24/7 channel, you bet that’ll be my go-to channel!

What are you most looking forward to this festive season? Let me know!
Abi x

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