October Plan With Me: Bujo #1 | Abi Says

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I have decided to finally delve into the world of bullet journaling, and already I love it. I thought a plan with me would be an interesting post as I absolutely love these posts and quite a few of the bloggers and Youtubers I follow use them and really make good use of them.



My very first page was very exciting as I wanted this to resemble the rest of the year for me. If you didn’t know, I now live in Australia which is the most insane thing that could have happened to me! I based my first page off the coming months which for me are Spring & Summer. (we’re currently in Spring) As you can see there are a couple of suns and moons and an ice cream. At the top is a bunting idea I got from Google images, (thanks google) and a few clouds dotted around too. I used bright colours for this as it just really makes me happy to look at.


Here is my next page, which is my year at a glance. As there are only a few months left of this year, I decided to only include October, November and December in this spread as when it comes to January I’ll do another spread for the new year.

There’s a tiny little caption at the right hand side of the december calendar which says ‘I’m aware of how awful this is’, and this is purely for the fact I ended up drawing the December calendar about 2 times bigger than October and November… oops!

I have then done a little notes section at the bottom of the page as well as a colour code on the side of the page too which explains what each colour represents.

I’m not a big fan of my year at a glance page as the calendars were difficult to draw, but they’ll do for now.


I have then done a page for my October trackers! On this page I have colour coordinated certain things for each tracker. For now, I only wanted my water and sleep trackers on this page, because I’m the worst at remembering I need to drink, and for some reason I just don’t sleep.

The first tracker is my sleep tracker, which I’ve colour coordinated:

Yellow – 6 hours

Red – 7 hours

Orange – 8 hours

I usually tend to get about 7 and a half hours sleep to 8 hours sleep a night at the moment, so I’ll keep track of the rest of the month and see how i go.

The next tracker is my water tracker, which I absolutely love the idea of. I’ve seen many people use this idea and thought why the heck not.

The first little bar you see, is for the overall amount of water I drink that day, so at the end of the day I’ll colour in how much I’ve managed to drink that day in the colour coordinated.

Pink – 250ml

Yellow – 500ml

Green – 750ml

Orange – Litre

The current water bottle I’m using is a 500ml bottle (although amazon thinks different) , and is great for keeping with me and taking it to different places. Its by Sistema – click here to find it. It also comes with a little strainer sort of thing, which I haven’t really used but I think the idea is you put the fruit in the little strainer which nestles nicely at the top. I bought mine for about $5 at Woolworths.


The box below the bar is a tally / check list for when I’ve finsihed a certain amount of water. Today I’ve had 500ml at the time I’m writing this and I’m making my way through my second 500ml right now.

Finally at the bottom of that page is the average for the month where I look at my results and see which tracker I’m getting more of each day & night.

IMG_0723.JPGNext is this lovely quote by Walt Disney :

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I found this quote on Google and have loved it for the longest time; I just think its so true and powerful.


The final spread is my blog tracker.

I have taken this idea from my lovely friend Rachel and it works really well for me, as the other ideas I have seen haven’t really taken my fancy.

On this page I have the days of the month down the left hand side in one column and then down the right hand side of the same column are the days of the week.

In the main block next to the days I have the blog post I’m posting that day. The pink squiggle is purely just to separate the different blog posts to make them clearer for me to see. IMG_0726.JPG This is the next page of the spread which has the notes and my stats for that month. Again this is included in the idea I took from Rachel, and of course have given her full credit for it. This is possibly my next favourite spread following my tracker page. Everything is just really clear for me to see and look at and write down on that page.


Here’s a better picture.


And that is my bullet journal for now for the month (or whats left of it) of October! I really hope this post was interesting for people, and do leave a like and comment if you’re wanting to see how I get on at the end of this months journal.

I really do hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time.

Abi xx

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Braces: Curing Pain | Abi Says

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I wanted to share a post about braces, and how I cured the pain during having them. As you may know, braces are tightened once every month, usually being once every 4 – 6 weeks.

I got my braces December 5th 2016, and actually got them off September 26th 2017, making that 295 days. When you’re told by all your friends that braces is the most daunting experience ever and its the most painful thing known to man kind, click here and read my genuine post about how I was whilst I got my braces on.


How did I cure the pain?

At first, it was a big struggle to find something decent to try cure the pain, and it was the typical paracetamol, ibuprofen etc etc. I mainly relied on using paracetamol mostly, but on the night of me having them tightened I would always have a bath in the evening to try and chill me out but also to use the heat as a steam therapy, and 50% of the time it did genuinely work.

However, after only a couple of months of having them on, I was with someone who basically gave me a cup of tea (my boyfriend at the time), and  I was in the absolute pain and he gave me that cup of tea and it really worked miracles. Tea might not work for everyone but honestly it worked a treat. I find it works a lot easier to ease the pain with a cup of tea when you have literally just finished making it. Leave it 5 minutes and drink. Its so good, might just be me but I highly recommend this for anyone!!

Another thing was to actually use a hot water bottle and hold it on which ever side of my face was more painful than the other. Hot water bottles didn’t work as well as the cup of tea method, but it was another great method.


those are basically the main ways I would try cure my braces pain! I really hope this was helpful to some people, and don’t forget to read my post about getting braces on as mentioned at the start of the post.

Thank you to those who have been reading the past few days! It’s really been helpful with developing my blog.


Until next time,

Abi xx


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How Much Is My Face Worth?! | Abi Says

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

Its been so long since I last wrote anything on here and I feel absolutely awful about it! I’ve been so so busy because my family and I moved Down Under to the beautiful Brisbane and we’ve actually been here 5 days already (me and my mum) but my dad has been here with my brother and sister for 8 weeks. I’ll let you know all the details in another post!

But here today I have a post where I’ll be going through my makeup bag to see how much my every day makeup products turn out to cost! I currently have quite a few products in my makeup bag and I don’t use all of these all at once!

I’m definitely one for the light makeup vibes, I hate caking my face in makeup, so I’ll only put a few products on day to day. I saw my friend Rachel do this post quite a while ago and it gave me inspiration. Please check Rachel’s blog out! She’s such an amazing person.

So before I start this post I’m going to do an estimate of what’s in my makeup bag.

My estimate: £115 (at the most)


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (103) – £8.29

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (115) – £6.99

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (1) – £4.19

Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer (08) – £5.99

Bourjois Paris Bronzer (52)  – £7.99

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder (transparent) – £3.99

Revolution Golden Lights Highlighter – £3 (will find on the Superdrug website as its currently down)


Laroc Beginners Collection Summer Eyeshadow Palette – £9.99

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Liner – £2.99

Maybelline Lash Sensational – £8.99

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit (medium) – £4.50

Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler (Medium Brown) – £7.99

Collection Colour Lash (Clear) – £1.99


Rimmel Provocalips (730) – £7.99

Jeffree Star (Family Jewels) – £16 (I bought mine on sale for £9.60)

Maybelline Colour Sensational (547) – £6.99

Rimmel Kate (30) – £5.49

MUA Trio Eyeshadow (Pink Sorbet) – This was a gift but like all MUA trios my guess is about £3


TOTAL (exc. MUA trio)


I absolutely love all of these products and have left a little link for you if you wish to purchase them! My guess was good so i’m pretty happy with myself, haha!


please ignore my lazy eye hahahaha

Thanks so much for reading & I’m so excited to get back into blogging. What are your favourite makeup products for every day use? Do let me know in the comments,

Until next time,

Abi xx

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One of Those Days | AbiSays

Hello everyone,

Today has very much been my definition of a typical summer day for me. I have quite literally spent the day moping about the house rather than being out and about, which don’t get me wrong is actually fairly crap but the past few weeks I have been up and out and getting out of the house trying to find places to adventure to and explore.

Recently, I’ve just not had anywhere to go as a whole. I know places I can go but everywhere in these towns or cities or villages I have managed to explore the majority of already.

I spent the last three weeks maybe? going to and from my local city – Chester. With friends I have already there, I have managed to find new places I didn’t know about which was fun at the time; its just now looking back I couldn’t go back to these places and not find anything new or interesting because my friends quite literally show me every nook and cranny in these places.

I’ve also had some of those really chill days moping about in my own house and in other people’s houses which have again, been lovely and sometimes I much prefer these days to those days where you spend the whole entire day walking about and getting your step count up.

Today has been a day of sitting in, messing about with makeup, planning a couple of blog posts and I actually managed to film two videos today, so I’m quite happy. I’ve also been vlogging but because I’ve not been doing anything, there’s nothing for me to actually put together for a vlog, which is defeating the object completely of creating a vlog.

I am very tired though purely because of the fact since breaking up from college, my s,eep pattern has been completely and utterly destroyed. (also the fact my body just can’t stay asleep) I’ve been falling asleep at the most stupid times of the night. Last week I had the full week of not falling asleep until half 3 in the morning and its starting to kinda effect me during the day now. My sleeping is completely and utterly ruined, so if anyone has any ideas of how I can get to sleep at a reasonable time and train my body back into a sleeping pattern, please let me know!

I’m going to go and post this blog and then create the thumbnail, and hopefully get these two videos edited as well as writing another post. Wish me luck!

Until next time,

~Abi <3


Local Girl Missing Review | AbiSays

Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone,

Today I have decided to write a different kind of post. I don’t usually write reviews but this book was definitely worthy of a review.

This is Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Following a diary format, we follow the lives and stories of Francesca Howe and Sophie Collier who were best friends before Sophie made her disappearance.
After finding out Sophie’s remains had been found, Francesca made her way back to their seaside home town to try and figure out what happened the evening Sophie disappeared with help from Sophie’s brother.

I particularly enjoyed the writing style Claire used in this book to write the story and almost make you feel as though you were there in the town  – experiencing the things Francesca was experiencing.

The book stays throughout as an eerie atmosphere and there are no moments of pure happiness and blue skies until the very end. The characters are particularly interesting and leave you with questions about them individually and their links towards Sophie’s disappearance. It almost leaves you becoming a detective in the story as there are so many possible links to what happened to Sophie that evening.

This book was a recommendation off one of my friends and I have managed to finish it before them, and was so intrigued by it I simply couldn’t put it down until my questions were answered.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a complete book worm and loves stories with different twists and turns to them, especially if you’re secretly a detective when it comes to story lines like these. You can find Claire through her Twitter by clicking here and finding the book here – Local Girl Missing for £6.18 currently!

This is definitely a different kind of post for me and I really hope you enjoyed it and find the book interesting if you buy it after reading this post!

Until next time,

Abi <3

Where Have I Been? | AbiSays

Hello everyone,

Its been a while! A month in fact… Oops

I have been so so busy the past month with coursework for college but I have finally been signed off meaning I have so much more time to be able to dedicate towards not only my blog, but to my YouTube channel too. I am really looking forward to getting back into blogging and vlogging especially over the next month as I embark on a journey to Australia with my family.

Everything has been so very mish mash that its even been hard for me to keep up with myself but I am hoping to delve back into my two platforms as soon as possible. If you don’t follow me over on my YouTube channel, I’d really appreciate if you guys subscribed. You can click here to find it and see the mayhem which I call my life!

I have been really inspired by so many YouTubers recently, especially vloggers such as Zoe, Molly, and Ebony and have just been given that motivation I needed to get back into the swing of things.

I really hope to see you over here on my blog but also on my channel too. There will be vlogs hopefully going up all through July so i am very excited for the next month!

I do apologise for not being able to come over here and talk to you guys for such a long time but I really appreciate the patience! (There are now 94 of you, which I think is absolutely insane!)

Until next time,

~ Abi x

The Past Two Weeks… | AbiSays

Good evening all,

Currently writing this very hesitantly but also hoping things stop soon. Sure enough everyone reading this would have heard about the incident last week regarding Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester on May 22nd. I am utterly heart broken for those 22 people who lost their lives and to the 100+ people injured and for the families who are having a tough time. My thoughts and prayers are with you if you were unfortunately involved.

This evening, I am watching the BBC news following the incident on London Bridge which is absolutely heart breaking and more and more things keep happening. This incident hasn’t been confirmed as a terror attack as of yet, but currently they’ve found out a knife has been involved and its just so scary because again, these events keep happening.

I just wanted to leave my thoughts with those injured this week because of these events and I can’t believe people keep causing terror and injuries and upset in the world.

I felt it was right to write this post, and it is a little different being my second post after getting back into the swing of things again, but I do hope everyone is okay..

With Love,

~Abi <3

Being Away From Blogging… | AbiSays

Hello all,

Been such a long time since I’ve uploaded a post of any sort, and let me tell you I wish i could have kept up to date with you all and kept on uploading posts. Believe me, I’ve kinda missed this little corner of the internet. 

So where have I been? Whats been going on since I last uploaded on March 24th?! (Oops) Thats something like 2 and a half months… oh my. Right, so.

Last time, I spoke about my experience with counselling. I have not been back to counselling since leaving and I’m currently in a toss up of going back or not, because of things happening in the next two months regarding my family moving to Australia, which I will talk about in another post soon. However, since leaving counselling I’ve had some good times, and some bad and not a lot has been easy. College is as stressful as ever,  and the year is finally coming to a close and I have like 25 days left until our 2 and a half month (i think) summer.

Since not blogging, my life has pretty much been preoccupied with work, college work and making time for friends and family things. I am now out of  a job again (post coming soon) and basically living off what I was paid and already I have bought a FitBit, a ukulele capo for my sister, a new book, lil bits of food and I ordered myself a dominos earlier tonight too because I can and I decided to treat myself.

Such a small update but I really hope to get back into blogging again. Its currently 47 past 12 at night and I’m re-watching Vania & Jodie’s moving vlogs which are my fave types of vlogs to watch! 

Hope to see you back here soon,

With love,

~Abi <3 

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My Experience with Counselling | AbiSays

Good evening all.

This is a slight spontaneous post and really unplanned. I decided to write about counselling and my experience with it to sort of get a point across that it isn’t always rays of sunshine and that it doesn’t necessarily help everyone.

I started counselling about a month ago and decided to discharge myself due to me not being happy at all.

I went into counselling to try and find the source of my anxiety in college and general everyday life.

To give you a brief outline, I found myself very anxious during college time for a good 3 – 4 months during the time my anxiety was at its peak. Counselling was a very controversial thing for me because I couldn’t decide on what exactly it was I wanted to do about it.

My personal tutor  (who isn’t my personal tutor anymore but he needs to be) suggested a few times to me to try speaking to someone. I however, decided not to for 2 of those months purely because the thought of speaking to someone was something that scared me. I’m not one to cry to people about the way I feel, but my anxiety really didn’t make me comfortable in college and I had a fear of having a panic attack practically everywhere I went.

So to get into my counselling experience- To start with, I didn’t have a very comfortable start because I basically told my counsellor everything that was happening in my head. They (not saying if my counsellor was male or female – personal preference) of course listened to me, and I left that room feeling worse than when I went in.

The second time I thought would be a little better and slightly more chilled. Again, I just didn’t like the way my thoughts were played with, if you will. Counselling made me think things I didn’t want to be thinking about and I don’t like thinking about things in depth as it is because I’m such a bad over thinker!

As well as not making me feel the best, it caused me stress and bursts of complete sadness and being down, because I was missing my Thursday afternoon sessions, which considering I only see this tutor once a week, these Thursday sessions are pretty important to me.

I wasn’t a fan of the over thinking and the way my thoughts were toyed with. I can’t explain it very well, (I’m bad with words I’m sorry) but after the first 4 weeks I decided it wasn’t what I wanted at all.

If you have any experiences with counselling you’d like to share, please do so. Lots of people have the same trouble I did and since not going I can honestly say I’ve been so much happier.

Its noy very lengthy but thank you very much for reading this post. I hope it helped someone ♡

Until next time,